What is an "ancla"? This is the Spanish word for "anchor". I chose this name for my studio because as Hebrews 6:19 says, "Hope [is] an anchor for the soul (or, "for our lives")" and it is my hope that through this studio, I can provide solid, firm and enduring products for my clients.

Jedediah White

Owner, Studio Ancla

My love for creating and my drive for learning have enabled me to enjoy twenty + years of hands-on experience in many facets of web design, on-page design, print, illustration, video, and even fine art!

Available for work in the United States and Ecuador, South America.

A little more: I have been working hands-on with web and graphic design projects since early 2000! I have developed websites in HTML5, and WordPress (PHP and jQuery). I have created logos for small businesses across the United States as well as brochures, menus, business cards, flyers, and 'Yellow Book' ads. I have designed, and delivered thousands of email newsletters! I have created and sold fine (modern) art. I have created large-scale illustrations for restaurant displays and have enjoyed all manners of other creative things over a long career of in-house and freelance production. Whatever you're project needs, consider me the cog in your machine that makes it a success!

12 Cups of coffee consumed this week.

Average 30 mins. of exercise each day this week.

My favorite song this week: "Out of the void" - Primal Scream