What is an "ancla"?

This is the Spanish word for "anchor". I chose this name for my studio because it is my hope that through it, I can continue to provide solid, firm, and enduring products for my clients.

The Family


Lead Creative

Jedediah enjoys designing websites and visuals that are both aesthetically beautiful and useful. He has a good eye for design. Jedediah likes to relax in his free time by drinking a cup of coffee and listening to his favorite music. These small joys, he discovers, keep him motivated and engaged in his work. Overall, Jedediah is a talented and committed professional who values his work and appreciates the little things in life.


Account Manager

Viviana is a skilled office manager dedicated to ensuring that her workplace runs smoothly and efficiently. She has a talent for organization and is proficient in a variety of office skills, including scheduling, record-keeping, and project management. When she's not busy keeping things on track at work, Viviana enjoys kicking back with a nice glass of rosé. She maintains a healthy work-life balance and always makes time for what she enjoys.



At Studio Ancla there's a little robot that has become an integral part of the team. This little robot helps with a variety of tasks, from organizing files to fetching supplies. Its compact size and agile movements make it the perfect assistant for navigating the busy studio space. The robot's sleek design and friendly demeanor have endeared it to the staff, who have affectionately named it "Archie." Despite its small size, Archie's contribution to the studio's daily operations is immeasurable, and its presence is a constant source of joy and inspiration to all.

Our Core Values

Delivering high-quality work: Studio Ancla is committed to delivering work that meets or exceeds client expectations, is visually appealing, and effectively communicates the client's message.

Honesty and transparency: Studio Ancla is committed to being honest and transparent in all its dealings.

Meeting deadlines: Studio Ancla understands the importance of meeting project deadlines and strives to deliver work on time, every time.

Staying up-to-date with industry trends: Studio Ancla stays on top of the latest trends and technologies in the creative industry to ensure that it provides cutting-edge services to its clients.

Collaborating with clients: Studio Ancla works closely with clients to understand their needs, goals, and vision, and incorporates their feedback into the creative process.

Providing exceptional customer service: Studio Ancla is committed to providing exceptional customer service and going above and beyond to meet the needs of its clients.

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