10 font pairings for maximum impact

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Font pairing recommendations made easy

Smart font choices can mean the difference between someone resonating with, liking, and sharing your message or continuing to scroll through their feed. And as with complementary colors, certain fonts pair well together and can help enhance your message, solidify a brand, and establish a hierarchy. In other words, typography and how fonts work together form important design principles. Whether you are trying to create a logoinvitationflyerresumeadvertisement, or something else, font pairing is a necessary factor to consider. Because of the sheer volume of fonts available, choosing the best font pairs can be overwhelming.

Adobe Express includes 20,000 licensed fonts, as well as curated font recommendations for your use in your next project. The recommendations suggest which standalone font you should use, but also include suggestions for complementary fonts, font colors, and font effects to help you create unique designs. These typography recommendations are curated from fonts in Adobe Express templates, which are created by professional designers.

While Adobe Express helps you pick font pairings directly in the app, this blog post explores font combinations by content type. Finding fonts that go together can be difficult, but this post will make the process easy by recommending project-specific font pairs and teaching you about the moods or messages that certain font pairings inspire.

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